10 tips for workout plan motivation


Do not keep the thinking that you’ve know all the things. May be just one of these 10 tips is the new with you, but it is exactly the working one you’ve ever found. So, let check out 10 tips to stay motivated with your workout plan from www.bodyfitnesstip.com .


1/ Try something totally new! Do something you never dreamed you’d do. If you’ve always stuck to alone exercises, sign up for a team sport. Or try something you’ve shied away from… maybe even rock climbing!

2/ Buy some new equipment, it doesn’t mean expensive tackles here. Just simple new things like a pair of running shoes, a new dumbbell, or a new heart-rate monitors can bring you new experience and keep you move forward.

3/ Find a workout companion! Exercise buddies add a social element to any routine. Ask someone to be your workout partner — you won’t skip a workout if someone is waiting for you to take a joyful exercise out there.

4/ Vary your routine or change your scenery! A new variation on your favorite activity – kickboxing instead of power yoga, aerobics instead of working on machines – may be enough to refresh a stale routine. If you’ve always exercised indoors, move your workout outside for a welcome change of scenery.

5/ Set a new goal! Working out to stay in shape is fine, but setting a goal – such as finishing a 10k race or conquer a 10-meters wall mountain climb – will give your daily workouts more excited challenge.

6/ Keep an exercise log to track your progress! Unsure if you are making progress toward your goals? Then start a workout log. It allows you to keep track of your goals, monitor your progress and adjust your routines as necessary.

7/ Don’t blame yourself if you miss a workout! Life is full of obstacles. Unexpected illness, appointment, setbacks are bound to happen now and then. Don’t let a few missed workouts turn into a month of unfulfilled resolutions, you current exercise is the most important.

8/ Get out. Into the sun that is. Sunlight produces more Vitamin D than you could potentially take in via food (20 minutes of sun exposure equals about 10,000 IU). So try to get out as much as you can, even if you just walk to pick your lunch instead of having it delivered.

9/ Reward yourself! Reaching a fitness goal or milestone is a great excuse to treat yourself with something new. An evening out, a massage, or even just a bed-stay break morning may be the key to staying motivated.

10/ You know that incredibly satisfied and healthy feeling you get immediately after a workout? Remember it! And use it to motivate yourself the next time you’re thinking about blowing off that next workout!

If all these not work … take a break from exercise! Sometimes a lack of motivation is your body’s way of telling you to take a break. If anything hurts, or if your energy is running low, a little “R&R” may be just what your body needs to renew your motivation. Take a break for a few days before resuming your workouts.

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