Lose Arm Fat and Fat In Hands

How to lose arm fat:

Fat arms are every girl’s nightmares, but don’t worry, since arm fat is easy to lose by workout, you can lose them only if you keep these tips in mind. Read this tutorial to check out how to lose arm fat and get your arms slimmer!

  1. Raise you arms over you head, put your left arm on the joint of right arm now bend them to touch your left shoulder blade. Keep doing for 20 times and change side and height accordingly.
  2. Resistance exercise. Use your arms to message your shoulders, keep shrugging your shoulders while message, that will help you to lose fat on arms.
  3. Use Dumbbells. This is the most common way and it does help a lot. And there are a lot of ways to use dumbbells. You can hold dumbbells, raise arms to the height of your shoulder, move them from outside to inside slowly.

Lose Arm Fat and Fat In Hands

How to lose fat in hands:

A pair of beautiful hands will make you more charming no matter you are a girl or boy. This instruction shows you how to lose fat in hands. There is no magic solution to lose fat anywhere you want, but you can follow some tips and insist on doing that to see the change.

  1. Exercise with a bottle of water. Take a empty bottle and fill it with water, now hold the bottle of water with power, keep you arm straight and then you bend your arm while holding the water, keep doing this for 30 times with each arm everyday.
  2. Playing music instrument. Playing music instruments like piano and guitar, they will not only help your slim your hands but also become good hobbies.
  3. Typing exercises. Keep typing 500 ~ 1000 words everyday with keyboard. That will be a good way to lose fat in hands too.

Thing you need:

  • Dumbbells A music instrument
  • A bottle of water
  • A keyboard

Tips for arm fat losing:

  • You can also do push ups, it works too.
  • Eat less food with salt, that will increase your fat.
  • Drink more water, which is helpful in weight loss.

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