Lose Face Fat – Neck Fat, Double Chin Fat, Nose Fat Losing

Are you finding ways for how to lose face fat? Simply focus on 3 main parts of Neck Fat, Double Chin Fat, and Nose Fat. By losing fat at these parts you will have a nice slim face. Here we go!

1/ Ways to lose neck fat

Lose neck fat is difficult for some people, since it is hard to lose fat in partial place, especially for the neck, which is harder to do exercises. This instruction shows you how to lose neck fat fast. Read these easy steps and get rid of fat from your neck.


  • Do side tilt every day. No matter you are sitting or standing, side tilt is always a good way for you to do. Just tilt your head to left slowly and gently, hold your position for 10 seconds, and then tilt to right. Repeat it for 5 times everyday.
  • Rotate your neck. Turn your head to left slowly and then turn back fast, now turn your head to right and then turn back fast.
  • Do resistance activities to exercise your head. You can do this with machine or your hand, just hold your head with hand and try to tilt against your hand slowly, you can do it in right left and every direction you want to, this action will help you lose neck fat too.

Tip for losing neck fat: You can also do back and front tilt, make them together with side tilt will make better effect.

2/ Double chin fat losing

Double chin fat is a big enemy of beauty, for girls who want to lose double chin fat, this instruction will tell you what is the most common reasons why you have developed double chin fat and how to lose them.


  • Reasons for double chin fat. Most common reasons for double chin fat are Excess fat due to being over weight, Water retention, Normal aging process and hereditary disposition.
  • Eat oily fish. You are suggested to eat oily fish at least 4 times a way to get Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils in oil fish that will soften your skin from the inside to help you lose double chin fat.
  • Avoid wearing clothes or necklaces. Some of them will make your double chin look more obvious.

Tips for double chin fat losing:

  • You are also suggested to drink plenty of water, which is usually a good method when losing weight.
  • Switch to a fat burning diet.

3/ Lose nose fat by steps

A sharp nose will make your face more beautiful and attractive, but due to the special of nose, it is hard to lose nose fat alone. This article shows you how to lose nose fat and get your face looks better.


  • Stop drinking alcohol. If your drinks alcohol, stop it. Since drinking alcohol will bring a bloated face to you.
  • Eat less salt. Salt will also cause bloating and make your face seemed more fat. Don’t eat fast-food, fried snacks, or canned soups which contains a lot of salt.
  • Cut 200 calories from your diet everyday. Use a calorie counting chart to calculate how many calories you will eat.

Tip to lose nose fat: Drink plenty of water, since when your body feels dehydrated, you may get a bloated look.

How To Lose Leg Fat

Losing leg fat including losing thigh leg fat, lose lower leg fat, losing fat on knees,  and lose fat in feet. Now let check out how to lose your legs fat.

How To Lose Leg Fat

1/ Losing Thigh Leg Fat fast

This instruction shows you how to lose thigh leg fat to make your leg more slim and sexy, if you used to afraid of wearing short skirt due to thigh leg fat, you should check this out. Read it and buy what you want now.

Losing Thigh Leg Fat fast

  • Doing resistance training. Resistance training helps your burn extra calories, it is the best way to lose thigh leg fat.
  • Lift toes. You need to stand straight, put your hands on your waist, count 3 and lift your toes at the same time, keep your knees as bend as possible. Keep doing this.
  • Riding, running upstairs walking will also work.

Tips for thigh fat losing:

  • You can also climbing mountains to lose thigh leg fat.
  • Keep monitoring your diet.

2/ How to lose Lower Leg Fat simple

Many women want to lose lower leg fat to wear more beautiful clothes in summer, this instruction shows you who to lose lower leg fat and become more attractive in this summer!

How to lose Lower Leg Fat simple:

  • Eat less food with higher calories. If you are going to go to gym, you should pay more attention on this, or your exercise will be a waste.
  • Do calf raises. Calve raises is a great exercise for you to lose lower leg fat. Take it to your fitness routine.
  • Running, jogging, walking. These exercises will also help you to lose lower leg fat.

Tips for lose lower legs fat: When doing calf raises, use the muscles of your lower leg to lift the weights as high as you can.

3/ Steps for losing fat on knees

If your knees are not the “bee’s knees” which are thin and strong, and instead that are plenty of fat, you can improve their appearance and their functional stability. Here shows you some steps to lose fat on knees.

Steps for losing fat on knees

  • Get cardio exercise at least 30 minutes five days a week.
  • Focus on the fat around, then do exercises with light free weights. Use leg extension machine to tone up the legs around the knees.
  • Have a sensible, low-fat diet which composed with lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts.

Tips for losing knee fat: For exercises, you can do walking lunges by walking forward, arms and hands by your sides.  

4/ How to Lose Fat in Feet by steps

Have you noticed you have a pair of fat feet? Are you be worried the ugly shape of shoes as for your fat in feet? If so, here shows you a step by step guide to lose fat in feet.

How to Lose Fat in Feet by steps

  • Balanced diet. You need to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, dairy and minimal amounts of fat and sugar.
  • Reduce the amount of fat and target calorie you eat, and drink plenty of water.
  • Do exercise as much as you can. Make sure do exercises at least 30 minutes everyday.

Tips to lose fat in your feet: You need to gain water at least 48 to 64 oz. per day.

Butt Fat Losing Simple

Butt fat can be a really embarrassing problem for both men and women, if you want to make your butt looks good, or you want to lose butt fat, you should check here to find out how to lose butt fat fast.

Butt Fat Losing

How to lose your Butt Fat:

  1. Cardiovascular training. Use brisk walking, stationary cycling, the stepper and elliptical trainer to burn more calories and trim down your lower body for 30 minutes per day.
  2. Strength training. Lift weights three or four days each week to build muscle; Use full body workouts and pay more attention to your lower body.
  3. Learn hip twist dance. I think the first thing you need to do to lost your butt fat is to find a model or sample, you could learn some dance moves included hip twist, which is a fun and effective way to lost butt fat, I suggest something Shakira did would be great for you.
  4. Doing butt exercises such as let your legs in second balled position (pointed outward and open) to begin squats, or you could just step as far down as you can with your right leg (in a moving lunge) and bring your left leg to meet it. Repeat those easy exercises would help losing your butt fat.
  5. Proper diet: What you eat everyday will affect your weight, avoid fried food, sweets, high sugar food, high calorie food, drink more waters.

Tips for Butt Fat Losing:

  • Follow the 3 tricks, and you will lose your butt fat fast.
  • Don’t sit too often, especially after meal
  • Walk like models

Lost butt fat seems very difficult, but there is always a way to make it. If you want to have a hot butt, just take our suggestions on how to lose butt fat above.

Lose breast fat yet keep the size

Lose weight is a hard work, lost weight only for some parts of your body is harder, but don’t worry, as long as you got the right tutorial, nothing is impossible. Beside, keeping your figures full, especially breast is also a vital importance. Read our article, here we offer you some tips about how to lose breast fat yet keep the size.
Lose breast fat yet keep the size
  1. Doing cable chest press: If you have the habit of going to gym, doing some cable chest press would help lost breast fast, just grabbing the cables and allow the cables to pull back, repeat this exercises will help tone your pectoral muscles.
  2. Bench pressing: Bench pressing will burn breast fat, which is ok if you don’t want to go to the gym, just lying on the mat and doing the similar exercises would help you lost breast fat.
  3. Also you can take some cardio exercises in an interval format which burns calories at a faster pace.
  4. Healthy diet: I think no matter how many exercises you take, healthy diet is a vital key in the progress of losing weight; you need to eat something with lower calories, more vegetables, fruits and waters.
  5. Lower your calorie intake, reduce 500 calories every day, you will loss 1 lb in a week. Losing breast fat is a part of lose weight, so you have to take care of your mouth very serious.
  6. Wear tights: I think the perfect breast shape need to be cared by high quality tights or corsetry, you lose weight and your breast fat to make yourself healthy and prettier,I think wear tights help you reach the same goal.

Things you need:

  • Cable Machine
  • Weights
  • Healthy Food, Waters
  • High Quality Tights
  • Breast Exercises

Tips to lose breast fat yet keep the size:

  • Consistence is everything.
  • Focus on losing weight overall not just breast fat.
  • Drink more than 8 oz water everyday.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat something better for your breast.

Lose Arm Fat and Fat In Hands

How to lose arm fat:

Fat arms are every girl’s nightmares, but don’t worry, since arm fat is easy to lose by workout, you can lose them only if you keep these tips in mind. Read this tutorial to check out how to lose arm fat and get your arms slimmer!

  1. Raise you arms over you head, put your left arm on the joint of right arm now bend them to touch your left shoulder blade. Keep doing for 20 times and change side and height accordingly.
  2. Resistance exercise. Use your arms to message your shoulders, keep shrugging your shoulders while message, that will help you to lose fat on arms.
  3. Use Dumbbells. This is the most common way and it does help a lot. And there are a lot of ways to use dumbbells. You can hold dumbbells, raise arms to the height of your shoulder, move them from outside to inside slowly.

Lose Arm Fat and Fat In Hands

How to lose fat in hands:

A pair of beautiful hands will make you more charming no matter you are a girl or boy. This instruction shows you how to lose fat in hands. There is no magic solution to lose fat anywhere you want, but you can follow some tips and insist on doing that to see the change.

  1. Exercise with a bottle of water. Take a empty bottle and fill it with water, now hold the bottle of water with power, keep you arm straight and then you bend your arm while holding the water, keep doing this for 30 times with each arm everyday.
  2. Playing music instrument. Playing music instruments like piano and guitar, they will not only help your slim your hands but also become good hobbies.
  3. Typing exercises. Keep typing 500 ~ 1000 words everyday with keyboard. That will be a good way to lose fat in hands too.

Thing you need:

  • Dumbbells A music instrument
  • A bottle of water
  • A keyboard

Tips for arm fat losing:

  • You can also do push ups, it works too.
  • Eat less food with salt, that will increase your fat.
  • Drink more water, which is helpful in weight loss.