Pull Back & Pull Down Back Exercises

1/ Back Exercises: Seated Rows with Pull Back Machine:

 Back Exercises


Seated Rows with Pull Back Machine
Pull Back & Pull Down Back Exercises
Seated Rows with Rowing Machine


Seated Rows with Pull-Back Machine
Pull Back Back Exercises

To begin the seated row take hold of the handles of your favorite bar of the Pull Back Machine (it could be like the one shown). Sit with your back straight while keeping your legs bent and feet against the metal block. Extend your arms feeling your lats stretch. Pull the weight back into your body until the handles touch your abdomen.

Seated Rows with Pull Back Machine

2/ Back Exercises: Lat Pull-Downs with Pull Down Machine:

Lat Pull-Downs with Pull Down Machine


Back Exercises Lat Pull Downs Machine
Pull Down Back Exercises
Attach a long bar to the lat Pull Down Machine, and adjust the thigh pads so that when you are at right angles and feet flat on the ground. Grasp the bar using a wide grip and sit down maintaining the upper body in an upright position, slightly learning back from the hips. Pull the bar in front of your face to the top of your chest and pause. Slowly release the bar back to the starting position by straightening your arms.

7 Minutes Workout for Every Body Taking

This column appears in the May 12 issue of The New York Times Magazine.

Exercise science is a fine and intellectually fascinating thing. But sometimes you just want someone to lay out guidelines for how to put the newest fitness research into practice.

An article in the May-June issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal does just that. In 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort, which essentially combines a long run and a visit to the weight room into about seven minutes of steady discomfort — all of it based on science.

“There’s very good evidence” that high-intensity interval training provides “many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time,” says Chris Jordan, the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Fla., and co-author of the new article.

Work by scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and other institutions shows, for instance, that even a few minutes of training at an intensity approaching your maximum capacity produces molecular changes within muscles comparable to those of several hours of running or bike riding.

Interval training, though, requires intervals; the extremely intense activity must be intermingled with brief periods of recovery. In the program outlined by Mr. Jordan and his colleagues, this recovery is provided in part by a 10-second rest between exercises. But even more, he says, it’s accomplished by alternating an exercise that emphasizes the large muscles in the upper body with those in the lower body. During the intermezzo, the unexercised muscles have a moment to, metaphorically, catch their breath, which makes the order of the exercises important.

The exercises should be performed in rapid succession, allowing 30 seconds for each, while, throughout, the intensity hovers at about an 8 on a discomfort scale of 1 to 10, Mr. Jordan says. Those seven minutes should be, in a word, unpleasant. The upside is, after seven minutes, you’re done.

Turn your daily home activities into joyful body fitness exercises

joyful body fitness exercises

Turn your daily home activities into joyful body fitness exercises.

Let think of body fitness exercises in a different way, doing fitness during your daily activities like watching tv, while clean the windows or even when taking teeth brush … Fitting in daily workouts is not just realistic, it is also relaxing right! Fortunately, research shows that mini-bouts of activity—a few squats here, some quick crunches there—can have as big an impact on your fitness level and health as longer routines can.

A study at the University of Pittsburgh found that doing three 10-minute bursts of exercise daily was as beneficial for weight loss and heart health as a single 30-minute workout. The thing here is to figure out what to exercise in those 10 minutes, mixing things up keeps you motivated and your body challenged.

And here by, please check out these simple at-home body fitness tips:
1/ While watching tv:

  • Leave a BOSU —a half-dome squishy balance gadget (Please see the pic) — in your family room. You or your family members can enjoy sitting or standing on it while watching TV and being constantly balancing – working your core without realizing it!
  • Tuck a resistance band at the sofa. You can get an entire-body workout while watching Star Movie. Stand on the middle and pull the ends to the front, back, and sides for an upper-body sculpting session; tie it in a loop around your legs and do leg lifts in every direction to tone your thighs and butt.
  • Store a yoga mat under your sofa and pull it out when watching the news so you can stretch, 10 minutes a day is quite great.

2/ While dress up, make up, teeth brushing …

  • Don’t sit down when you’re getting dressed. Stand on one foot and lift the other up to put on your shoes or pants. This helps with balance and also firms your core.
  • Insert a workout DVD in your player at all times. Just push play and go.
  • Stand on the Dyna Disc (Please see the pic) while washing your face, balance on one leg while putting on makeup; teeth brushing or do squats while drying your hair.
  • Get a nonskid plastic step stool for the bathroom. Stand on top and lunge back and tap a toe on the floor while brushing your teeth. Do a minute on each side.

4/ During the house work

  • Clean the floor by foot. Instead of using a mop, step on a damp cloth and scrub with your right foot; your left foot dries with a second towel. For the final shine, use two clean towels and glide to polish. Your heart rate will go up and your hips get a workout—and it will make you giggle! It burns as many calories as a brisk walk.
  • Put a mini-trampoline in your kitchen, bounce on it for minutes while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew.
  • Slip a set of wrist weights around the handle of your vacuum cleaner, then clean your way to stronger muscles and bones (or strap them on your wrists before you start to vacuum). The extra weight ups resistance, so you’re sneaking in light strength-training.
  • Back to the workout DVD idea above.

3/ Around bed time

  • Do 10 triceps dips and 10 incline push-ups on the edge of the bed the minute you get up.
  • Once the yoga mat works here; put a yoga mat under your bed and pull it out when watching tv.

5/ At moving around the house

  • Leave a pair of dumbbells by the bedroom door. Catch them when you get out and do walking lunges for great butt and thigh toning. Put them down in another “high-traffic” spot so they’re ready for the next trip.
  • With your stairway, head upstairs two steps at a time, or one at a time as fast as you can, or go up backward to increase balance and coordination (remember to hold rail for safety). Or try going up sideways, crisscrossing as you step.
  • Put a basket by the front door with everything you need for a walk: shoes, sweatshirt, and hat; fanny pack for ID, keys, money, cell phone, and iPod.

Now you see, you can do fitness workout everywhere in your house at anytime with many joyful and especially not take time. So let get fit!