Benefit Of Fitness Goal Setting

Fitness Goal Setting

“A goal is a dream with a deadline” – Napoleon Hill

Anything that we do, we do for a reason. Anything.

There may be times that we are not consciously aware of the reason behind what we are doing, but you can be sure there is one.

If you search enough, you will uncover it. The first step before investing your time and money on anything is to find your driving force, your reason to change. This is the same for fitness.

We do the stuff we do in the gym for a reason. It may be to look good or to feel good. It may be to have an overall healthier approach to living. It may be to become stronger or more energetic. Find out why it is you want results.

Think about all the benefits you will receive when you start working out and getting in shape. Start thinking, acting and feeling like you are already enjoying these benefits. How does it feel to be thin, energetic, full of life? How would your life be if you felt this way all the time, able to really enjoy the level of fitness you’ve always wanted? These goals should be your motivation, your reason for changing.

Benefit Of Fitness Goal Setting

Make a list of your top three fitness goals and your top three reasons for wanting to change or reach these fitness goals. Spend at least one week thinking about the benefits of reaching your goals and what changes you will need to make in order to reach them. I guarantee if you start to change your body, internal motivation and the improved self-esteem you get will indeed change your life.

10 tips for workout plan motivation

workout plan motivation


Do not keep the thinking that you’ve know all the things. May be just one of these 10 tips is the new with you, but it is exactly the working one you’ve ever found. So, let check out 10 tips to stay motivated with your workout plan from .


1/ Try something totally new! Do something you never dreamed you’d do. If you’ve always stuck to alone exercises, sign up for a team sport. Or try something you’ve shied away from… maybe even rock climbing!

2/ Buy some new equipment, it doesn’t mean expensive tackles here. Just simple new things like a pair of running shoes, a new dumbbell, or a new heart-rate monitors can bring you new experience and keep you move forward.

3/ Find a workout companion! Exercise buddies add a social element to any routine. Ask someone to be your workout partner — you won’t skip a workout if someone is waiting for you to take a joyful exercise out there.

4/ Vary your routine or change your scenery! A new variation on your favorite activity – kickboxing instead of power yoga, aerobics instead of working on machines – may be enough to refresh a stale routine. If you’ve always exercised indoors, move your workout outside for a welcome change of scenery.

5/ Set a new goal! Working out to stay in shape is fine, but setting a goal – such as finishing a 10k race or conquer a 10-meters wall mountain climb – will give your daily workouts more excited challenge.

6/ Keep an exercise log to track your progress! Unsure if you are making progress toward your goals? Then start a workout log. It allows you to keep track of your goals, monitor your progress and adjust your routines as necessary.

7/ Don’t blame yourself if you miss a workout! Life is full of obstacles. Unexpected illness, appointment, setbacks are bound to happen now and then. Don’t let a few missed workouts turn into a month of unfulfilled resolutions, you current exercise is the most important.

8/ Get out. Into the sun that is. Sunlight produces more Vitamin D than you could potentially take in via food (20 minutes of sun exposure equals about 10,000 IU). So try to get out as much as you can, even if you just walk to pick your lunch instead of having it delivered.

9/ Reward yourself! Reaching a fitness goal or milestone is a great excuse to treat yourself with something new. An evening out, a massage, or even just a bed-stay break morning may be the key to staying motivated.

10/ You know that incredibly satisfied and healthy feeling you get immediately after a workout? Remember it! And use it to motivate yourself the next time you’re thinking about blowing off that next workout!

If all these not work … take a break from exercise! Sometimes a lack of motivation is your body’s way of telling you to take a break. If anything hurts, or if your energy is running low, a little “R&R” may be just what your body needs to renew your motivation. Take a break for a few days before resuming your workouts.

Turn your daily home activities into joyful body fitness exercises

joyful body fitness exercises

Turn your daily home activities into joyful body fitness exercises.

Let think of body fitness exercises in a different way, doing fitness during your daily activities like watching tv, while clean the windows or even when taking teeth brush … Fitting in daily workouts is not just realistic, it is also relaxing right! Fortunately, research shows that mini-bouts of activity—a few squats here, some quick crunches there—can have as big an impact on your fitness level and health as longer routines can.

A study at the University of Pittsburgh found that doing three 10-minute bursts of exercise daily was as beneficial for weight loss and heart health as a single 30-minute workout. The thing here is to figure out what to exercise in those 10 minutes, mixing things up keeps you motivated and your body challenged.

And here by, please check out these simple at-home body fitness tips:
1/ While watching tv:

  • Leave a BOSU —a half-dome squishy balance gadget (Please see the pic) — in your family room. You or your family members can enjoy sitting or standing on it while watching TV and being constantly balancing – working your core without realizing it!
  • Tuck a resistance band at the sofa. You can get an entire-body workout while watching Star Movie. Stand on the middle and pull the ends to the front, back, and sides for an upper-body sculpting session; tie it in a loop around your legs and do leg lifts in every direction to tone your thighs and butt.
  • Store a yoga mat under your sofa and pull it out when watching the news so you can stretch, 10 minutes a day is quite great.

2/ While dress up, make up, teeth brushing …

  • Don’t sit down when you’re getting dressed. Stand on one foot and lift the other up to put on your shoes or pants. This helps with balance and also firms your core.
  • Insert a workout DVD in your player at all times. Just push play and go.
  • Stand on the Dyna Disc (Please see the pic) while washing your face, balance on one leg while putting on makeup; teeth brushing or do squats while drying your hair.
  • Get a nonskid plastic step stool for the bathroom. Stand on top and lunge back and tap a toe on the floor while brushing your teeth. Do a minute on each side.

4/ During the house work

  • Clean the floor by foot. Instead of using a mop, step on a damp cloth and scrub with your right foot; your left foot dries with a second towel. For the final shine, use two clean towels and glide to polish. Your heart rate will go up and your hips get a workout—and it will make you giggle! It burns as many calories as a brisk walk.
  • Put a mini-trampoline in your kitchen, bounce on it for minutes while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew.
  • Slip a set of wrist weights around the handle of your vacuum cleaner, then clean your way to stronger muscles and bones (or strap them on your wrists before you start to vacuum). The extra weight ups resistance, so you’re sneaking in light strength-training.
  • Back to the workout DVD idea above.

3/ Around bed time

  • Do 10 triceps dips and 10 incline push-ups on the edge of the bed the minute you get up.
  • Once the yoga mat works here; put a yoga mat under your bed and pull it out when watching tv.

5/ At moving around the house

  • Leave a pair of dumbbells by the bedroom door. Catch them when you get out and do walking lunges for great butt and thigh toning. Put them down in another “high-traffic” spot so they’re ready for the next trip.
  • With your stairway, head upstairs two steps at a time, or one at a time as fast as you can, or go up backward to increase balance and coordination (remember to hold rail for safety). Or try going up sideways, crisscrossing as you step.
  • Put a basket by the front door with everything you need for a walk: shoes, sweatshirt, and hat; fanny pack for ID, keys, money, cell phone, and iPod.

Now you see, you can do fitness workout everywhere in your house at anytime with many joyful and especially not take time. So let get fit!